Current collaborations and initiatives


A Creative Europe funded project (2018-2020)

Lars co-ordinates Heritage Contact Zone - HCZ, a project of H401 in the frame of a special call in the Creative Europe Programme for the European Year for Cultural Heritage (2018).

The partners from Amsterdam (NL), Brussels (BE), Budapest (HU), Florence (IT), Hania (GR), Munich (DE), Timisoara (RO) investigate the potential of heritage spaces for creative processes and dialogue. HCZ especially focusses on contested, neglected or marginalised heritage with exhibitions, workshops and reference material.

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A travel magazine for those who are uncertain

The magazine (2019) is inspired by dialogues at Herengracht 401 (H401) and was curated by Adeola Enigbokan and Lars Ebert.

"We invite readers of PERPLEX! to start their own dialogues, to go beyond old notions of Europe, to speak with each other, with neighbours, near and far, around opening new routes, new stations, new places of rest and refuge, in a world of ever-shifting terrains."


Questioning Traumatic Heritage
Spaces of Memory in Europe, Argentina, Colombia

This EU funded (Horizon2020) project offers exchanges between academic researchers – working on memory, trauma and heritage – and non-academic professionals – working in the fields of memory museums and sites of memory – between Italy, The Netherlands, Argentina and Colombia.

The fundamental aim of the project is to devise new forms of transmission of traumatic memories linking them to the present, on the assumption that memory, to be effective, has to invent creative ways of becoming relevant to the present.

Lars is the local co-ordinator of SPEME at partner H401.


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (2018-2021)

Creator Doctus (CrD) is driven by a consortium of partners led by the Rietveld Acadmey Amsterdam and EQ-Arts. Lars stood at the cradle of the project and engages in its implementation.

CrD seeks to realise a new European 3rd cycle award for higher arts education that runs parallel to the existing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), valorising the output of artists as high quality research that results in the creation, interpretation and/or interrogation of new knowledge at the forefront of arts practice.


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (2015-18) and follow-up

10 Partners from Higher Education and Culture - with Goethe Institut and Castrum Peregrini in the lead - developed an exchange platform and low-residency in situ hot house learning environment on participatory art. The basis if formed by a jointly formulated bench mark document.

The final publication is edited by Lars Ebert and Joachim Umlauf and is expected in 2020.

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