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I have had the opportunity to work with Lars over many years in countless contexts and several countries, always in connection to arts and culture. Lars is extremely professional in his approach to working with different people, both in education and cultural fields. Lars is reflective, reliable, understanding, engaging and motivated. Throughout the years, he has amassed a unique understanding of European policy and funding in the arts and through his management and governance experiences, built an exceptional international network. His involvement in these fields has empowered him to become a trailblazer, creating a multitude of opportunities.

Paula Crabtree
Vice Chancellor
Stockholm University of the Arts


Lars is one of those rare people who combine the determination and skills needed to bring a team together and move things forward.
He has a great understanding of the unique qualities and strengths of each individual and draws out the best in each person.
He has the great talent to enable each one do what they do best and create a type of synergy that increases effectiveness and leads to a more enjoyable experience.

Irina Cios

National Fund for Culture Romania


Throughout my long experience in creating and managing international projects I have never met anyone as passionate about advocacy in art, education and heritage as Lars Ebert. He has a clear skill for leading successful European cooperation projects and his own professional style makes him a pleasure to work with. Count upon Lars to use his considerable experience and unrivalled passion in the field to bring about real change.

Emanuele Amodei
General Director
Palazzo Spinelli, Florence


Lars always inspires. His ability to find common threads between disparate ideas and people can provide a sense of calm and direction even in the midst of chaos. Working with Lars on a collaborative project involving many different institutions and creative sensibilities was a pleasure, as he created the space and opportunity to come together, break bread, learn and grow. If the project needs to bring people together, and take them on a journey of discovery, Lars is the man for the job!

Adeola Enigbokan
Urban Psychologist
Spatial Design Researcher


I have worked with Lars Ebert for nearly 15 years on a wide variety of European projects. Lars has a very special ability combining project development and management skills with a mastery of public communication. He can deliver the most complex message fluently in public in at least 3 languages and his ability to work with and lead a multinational team is quite exceptional. He has always displayed the highest level of integrity and I look forward to working with him in future European cultural projects.

Kieran Corcoran
Head of School
TU Dublin School of Creative Arts


In meinen Funktionen als Leiter der Goethe-Institute in Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon und Bukarest arbeite ich seit vielen Jahren eng mit Lars Ebert in europäischen Projekten zusammen. Verschiedene Talente zeichnen ihn aus: die hohe Fähigkeit gute EU-Anträge zu schreiben, seine Kreativität und sein Einfallsreichtum, und sein besonderes interkulturelles Geschick beim erfolgreichen Moderieren internationaler Gruppen und Institutionen!

Joachim Umlauf
Goethe Institut RO


I’ve worked with Lars on a number of European Cultural projects over the years and from our earliest meetings I was impressed by his positive energy, critical insights, integrity and commitment, as well as his ability to beautifully facilitate conversations and collaborations.

He has been exceptionally pro-active in seeking, generating and supporting initiatives that promote trans-disciplinary practices and engage a wide range of audiences. This is based on his deep and extensive knowledge of the European cultural and HE sectors based on his experience as project director, advocate for social change, project evaluator and writer.

He has proven to be an important thought leader with powerful skills as a communicator, public speaker and a deeply intelligent listener, and part of his genius is his open and generous approach that encourages engagement, trust and respect. He is by far one of the most exceptional people I have had the pleasure of working with.

Tamiko O'Brien


City & Guilds of London Art School

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