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Higher Arts Education, Culture and Heritage

You can ask me for your personal or institutional needs of

  • Critical and friendly reflection
    I enjoy process moderation and facilitating change. I have a non-judgemental attitude and an urge to fully understand a situation, its context and its main players. This enables me to be critical and supportive in (interim-) management and leadership, evaluations and reviews.

  • Curatorial leadership
    I develop and implement international co-operation projects with large groups of partners. I frame context and need of a project and keep the focus of all partners on a jointly developed goal. My natural role is that of a catalyst for the diverse potentials and cultures of all partners and stakeholders.

  • Content development
    I am experienced as a participant and as co-ordinator of collaborative and dialogue-based research as well as of stakeholder processes that lead to advocacy tools. See the literature list below for some exemplary outcomes.

My thematic interests, experience and knowledge include

  • quality cultures and organisational change

  • multilateral co-operation projects and (EU) funding

  • artistic research, cultural participation and -leadership

  • contested heritage and memory cultures

I have a proactive attitude, an inclusive approach and an ethical mindset. Colleagues describe me as easy-going, impact oriented, flexible and creative. I am quick in adapting to institutional cultures at all organisational levels. My habitat is a broad international network from higher education, research and the arts.

I will always work with tailor made approaches based on dialogue, thorough research, principles of open space technology, co-creation and participation.

Happy clients include

  • ELIA – The European League of Institutes of the Arts

  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

  • The Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Art

  • LUCA School of Arts Brussels

  • Film Universität Potsdam Babelsberg

  • Goethe Institut

“I enjoy a diverse group of people and feel comfortable in volatile situations with contradictions, frictions and different cultures of expression. Those bare a great creative potential. Within a project, an institution or a team I will make sure everyone involved is heard and then move forward as a collective once all participants own the space and the process. I will always build trust first so that change becomes an opportunity, creativity emerges naturally and we move forward together.”