Institutional roles and responsibilities



A centre for research - art - dialogue

Co-directors Lars Ebert, Michael Defuster and Frans Damman developed H401 from a hermetic exile publishing house (Castrum Peregrini) and former home of artist Gisèle into a vibrant centre for art, research and dialogue. Residencies, exhibitions, lectures, debates, workshops, performances, think tank meetings, international projects and publications embrace a variety of  disciplines to collaboratively explore a pressing social issue with a participatory approach and an expert audience.



The political voice of the cultural sector in Europe

Lars represents H401 as an active member of Cultue Action Europe (CAE), the leading network of cultural organisations, artists, activists, academics & policy-makers.

CAE advocates for access to the arts and participation in culture as a fundamental right of every citizen. It lobbys for public investment in culture and the arts as the main force for the development of more sustainable and more cohesive societies.



Enhancing Quality in the Arts

Lars is co-founder and chair of the board of EQ-Arts, the first transnational sector specific quality assurance agency for the arts.

Through its activities EQ-Arts supports higher arts education institutions in the self-evaluation and enhancement of their internal quality systems to promote a strong quality culture across the higher arts education sector.



Serendipity in Action

A charitable foundation established by Chris Wainwright, Carla Delfos and Lars Ebert. It aims to widen participation and engagement in future developments in the Arts.

Art Futures organises round table conversations on current challenges in arts and culture and publishes the outcomes. It collaborates with H401, Boekman Stichting e.a. and supports initiatives like the Disorderly Women Allience.

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Supporting a platform for sharing interdisciplinary artistic research on performative memory work

A research collaboration at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO) between the departments of Dance and Art & Craft. Merete Røstad and Per Roar initiated MEMORYWORK in collaboration with Sasa Asentic (Serbia/Germany), Manuel Pelmus (Romania), Eliot Moleba (South Africa), Solveig Styve Holte (Norway), Nayria Castillo (Venezuela/Austria), Ingri Fiksdal (Norway), Xavier Le Roy (France/Germany) and Myna Trustram (United Kingdom). The project is supported by a group of experts: Suzana Milevska, Lars Ebert (H401), Boris Boden (Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus University, Weimar), Nitin Sawhney (Department of Computer Science, Aalto University, Helsinki).We ask questions about whose memories and which memories count, and how do we remember? Whose lives are afforded space?