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Reflection, leadership and development through art, culture and education

“I believe in the crucial role of culture and education to build a more just and sustainable world. The arts must permeate all parts of society to make our future meaningful and human. Top down and bottom up interventions together will make this happen. I love to work locally to realise topical and current projects and at the same time engage internationally towards better policies, funding and institutional structures to support the sectors of higher education, the arts and research.”

“In the 4rth industrial revolution, in times of AI and automatization, I will look for the added value of the human in hybrid and creative processes. This requires breaking through silos -of disciplines, cultures, classes, age groups, and sectors- and leaving our comfort zone. I will empower you and your fellow travellers to confidently take steps into the open, towards a meaningful and sustainable future for you and your institution. “



Lars Ebert (*Heidelberg, 1976) is co-director of the cultural centre H401 in Amsterdam where he develops and implements international collaboration projects. Previously he served the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) as deputy director and senior advisor. He closely follows and contributes to the discourse on higher education and the arts, especially related to international collaboration, quality cultures, artistic research and contested heritage. He is a frequent facilitator, moderator and speaker at international events, publishes regularly and serves on the board of various organisations in education, research and policy development in the arts. Lars holds a post-graduate degree in theology. He lives and works between Amsterdam and Athens.



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