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Leadership, enhancement and connectivity in art, culture and education

“I believe in the crucial role of art, culture and education to build a more just and inclusive world. The arts must permeate all parts of society to make our future meaningful and human. Top down and bottom up interventions together will make this happen. I love to work locally to realise topical and current projects and at the same time engage internationally towards better policies, funding and institutional structures to support our sector.”



Lars Ebert (*Heidelberg, Germany, 1976) is board member and programme director of the cultural centre H401 in Amsterdam. He also works as an independent advisor in the area of higher education and the arts. Lars has an extensive international network and is experienced with organisational and project development, both on a strategic as well as on operational level. He is a frequent facilitator, moderator and speaker during international events.  Lars holds a post-graduate degree in theology.



Projects (co-)developed, co-ordinated or engaged in


Supported by the EUs Creative Europe Programme

A consortium of small and medium sized heritage organisations in collaboration with an academic partner and a European network implement a series of events in 5 partner countries that will showcase neglected and contested European heritage in 5 local exhibitions, curated in a participatory way by artists. A transnational online exhibition will bring all 5 exhibitions together. In 2019 other existing examples of using heritage spaces for a dialogue about neglected aspects of the European past will be scrutinized towards a toolkit publication.

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Questioning Traumatic Heritage
Spaces of Memory in Europe, Argentina, Colombia

SPEME (Horizon2020) will develop a joint program of exchanges between academic researchers – working on memory, trauma and heritage – and non-academic professionals – working in the fields of memory museums and sites of memory – between Italy, The Netherlands, Argentina and Colombia.
The fundamental aim of the project is to devise new forms of transmission of traumatic memories linking them to the present, on the assumption that memory, to be effective, has to invent creative ways of becoming relevant to the present.


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (2018-2021)

Creator Doctus (CrD) seeks to realise a new European 3rd cycle award for higher arts education that runs parallel to the existing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), valorising the output of artists as high quality research that results in the creation, interpretation and/or interrogation of new knowledge at the forefront of arts practice. CrD is a partnership between higher arts education institutions and employers that will mutually enhance their offers as well as social and economic impact.


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (2015-18) and follow-up

10 Partners from Higher Education and Culture - with Goethe Institut and Castrum Peregrini in the lead - developed an exchange platform and low-residency in situ hot house learning environment on participatory art. The basis if formed by a jointly formulated bench mark document.

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Advisor, reviewer, facilitator and day chair

Lars advises on a broad range of subjects related to higher education and the arts for clients such as the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) the primary network for Higher Arts Education in Europe for which he has previously served in various roles, a.o. as deputy director. He works on questions related to the development of and engagement in the European Area for Education and Culture. He closely follows the international discourse on artistic research and has contributed a.o. to the development of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the Arts and Humanities (2012) as well as to the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership ‘Creator Doctus’ (2018-2021). As an independent expert he has gathered experience in reviews for various accreditation agencies and worked as a trainer for QA reviewers.

Reflect, connect, interact

If you need a sparring partner, a critical friend reviewer, an expert to help you conceptualise your ideas, guidance in international networking, a moderator or facilitaor,- let us start a conversation.

Happy clients include

ELIA -The European League of Institutes of the Arts, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), The Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Art, LUCA School of Arts Brussels, e.a.



Boards, committees, partnerships

Lars engages in initiatives, projects and organisations
addressing the integration of
a culturally diverse and inclusive Europe.



Co-directors Lars Ebert, Michael Defuster and Frans Damman developed H401 from a hermetic exile publishing house (Castrum Peregrini) and former home of artist Gisèle into a vibrant cultural centre for (artistic-) research and encounter with a strong international profile. Lars co-authored and implemented thematic year programmes inspired by the history of the place and with regards to problems of today’s society: group fanaticism, freedom, friendship, collective memory, trauma. Residencies, exhibitions, lectures, debates, workshops, performances, think tank meetings and publication embrace a variety of (artistic) disciplines to collaboratively explore a problem with a peer-based approach and an expert audience. Lars successfully applied for funding for large (inter-)national capacity building projects such as European Academy of Participation (Erasmus+ 2015-18) and Heritage Contact Zones (Creative Europe 2018-20).


Lars is co-founder and chair of the board of EQ-Arts, the first transnational sector specific quality assurance agency for the arts. Through its activities EQ-Arts supports higher arts education institutions in the self-evaluation and enhancement of their internal quality systems to promote a strong quality culture across the higher arts education sector.


Lars is a board member of Culture Action Europe, the major European network of cultural organisations, artists, activists, academics & policy-makers. Culture Action Europe is the first port of call for informed opinion and debate about arts and cultural policy in Europe.


Lars is also a


selection of articles, project outcomes, resources



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