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Reflection, leadership and development through art, culture and education

“I believe in the crucial role of culture and education to build a more just and sustainable world. The arts must permeate all parts of society to make our future meaningful and human. Top down and bottom up interventions together will make this happen. I love to work locally to realise topical and current projects and at the same time engage internationally towards better policies, funding and institutional structures to support the sectors of higher education, the arts and research.”

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As Secretary General of Culture Action Europe Lars Ebert (*Heidelberg, 1976) advocates for access to the arts and participation in culture as a fundamental right of every citizen. CAE lobbys for public investment in culture and the arts as the main force for the development of more sustainable and more cohesive societies. Lars was a co-director of the cultural centre H401 in Amsterdam where he today advises on international collaboration projects. Previously he served the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) as deputy director and senior advisor. He closely follows and contributes to the discourse on higher education and the arts, especially related to international collaboration, quality cultures, artistic research and contested heritage. He is a frequent facilitator, moderator and speaker at international events, publishes regularly and serves on the board of various organisations in education, research and policy development in the arts. Lars holds a post-graduate degree in theology. He lives and works between Brussels and Athens.

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Aleida Assmann: On Communal Spirit

On 25 February 2020 Aleida Assmann spoke in Amsterdam on Communal Spirit. The evening was organised by the Goethe Institue, GND and H401. I was honored to introduce her lecture and moderate the conversation.

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Fast Forward Webinar #1 - Exploring Arts School Futures

On 10 March 2022 LUCA School of Art broadcasted this webinar which I presented. It is part of the FAST45 project in which I am the project counselor.

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